Polaris In Focus: 2015 RMK Customization

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Unbelievably, the 2015 Polaris RMK line-up offers 20,000 unique combinations of optional equipment, all available at zero extra cost!

This year you can impress your friends with more than cool graphics. Now you can make you’re RMK a true one-of-a-kind sled.

This kind of personalization used to require aftermarket parts and a substantial investment after buying a new sled. Now you can have true customization from the chassis to the suspension to graphic and paint selection. T

There’s more: You can select handlebars, windshields, and track profiles when you SnowCheck your new 2015 RMK. Quite frankly, this level of true customization, available only from Polaris on MY 2015 RMKs, is unprecedented in the snowmobile business.

Over the years we’ve seen many attempts at personalizing sleds. However, this 2015 Snow Check deal makes true customization of mechanical parts, ergonomic details and exterior trim incredibly easy. True factory-quality customization has never been done at a level this high before – and it’s about way more than just paint and graphics.

At first, some riders might be a bit overwhelmed by this extensive menu of choices. However, Polaris has designed unique feature packages you can tweak to fit your taste and style.

For example, the Terrain Dominator package scores high marks with the Snowtrax/Supertrax crew. This combo is bad to the bone and you can tweak it to make it uniquely yours.

Factory quality installation of mechanical options, factory quality graphics, factory quality paint and the perfect fit of optional parts means you’ve got a custom sled that’s exclusively your own and will work great for years.

Honestly, we can’t believe Polaris is doing all this sweet stuff for free on Snow Checked 2015 RMKs. It’s almost too good to be true!

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