Polaris 800 Rocks But Eats Stock Plugs

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By: Kent Lester

We’re super-impressed with the ’09 IQ’s power but we’ve experienced some plug fouling with it after 200 miles.

We’ve checked and some other riders are getting the same problem. It doesn’t seem to be a major issue at this time but some dealers are suggesting moving to a slightly hotter (one heat range) plug.

The fouling only occurs when the engine gets some miles on and is hot, so carry some spares in your pocket and bring your tool kit.

Other than this issue, we can’t fault the IQ 800. We have a Switchback and a standard 800 and both get decent mileage and run very strong.

This mill’s calling card is relentless torque, so you’ll be tempted to dip into the flipper a lot.

The IQ chassis in both track lengths, is comfortable to sit on, handles like it’s on rails and rides better than we expected, considering it’s a sled in the ultra-high performance range.

Click here for specs and details.

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