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Everybody’s had that one sled that stands out from the rest. It defines the fun of snowmobiling and every time you reflect back on it, there’s a little twitch in your heart. In this series we asked our staffers to share their faves. Read what Gary Broderick, Sales Rep & Contributing Editor, Supertrax has to say about the 2007 Yamaha Attak

I joined the world of 4-stroke high performance sleds in 2003 when I traded in my 1992 Arctic Cat Wildcat 700 for a new Yamaha RX-1.

It wasn’t long before I fell in love with that sled. Some say it was too heavy, handled poorly and its suspension was too stiff, but in comparison, riding the Wildcat was like riding a cement block with skis.

At the time, the RX-1 was perfect for me: Fastest on the lake, manageable on the trails and it delivered great gasoline economy on the long hauls, consistently putting 10 bucks less in the tank than everyone else on a day’s ride.

In 2007, I moved to a Yamaha Attak long track and it added comfort and better handling to all those things I loved about the RX-1.

The Attak, based on the Apex, was and continues to be my favorite and rarely does any kind of maintenance problem pop up. I changed the original factory drivebelt at 6,300 miles and added a pair of Woody’s Dualy carbides to the skis and the handling issues that bothered me went away.

Like I said: Perfect!

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