OFSC Puts Money Where Its Mouth Is

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All of us at Supertrax Media want to say a hearty thanks and congratulate the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs and all the organization’s member snowmobile clubs for reducing the cost of an OFSC mandatory trail permit for the balance of the month of October.

It was less than a month ago when the OFSC acted at its AGM on information gained from the organization’s customers – that’s you and me – about twelve months earlier.

The OFSC embarked on an intensive customer research mission to determine the factors that have led to a turndown in OFSC trail permit sales the past two seasons. The information clearly pointed to the cost of a trail permit as one of – if not the most important – detractor to snowmobilers purchasing trail permits.

What seems remarkable to us is the speed at which the organization has reacted to this information. Okay, you could say it took a year to move this mountain and that isn’t exactly light speed. However anyone who understands how the OFSC governs itself will quickly realize how much work is required to reduce the retail price of a trail permit.

The OFSC is the embodiment of its 230 (approx) member snowmobile clubs. This means nothing earth shattering can take place until consensus and agreement is reached between this singleminded but regionally diverse group of stakeholders.

In short, there’s lots of agendas at play in the OFSC’s governance – however, the will and determination required to get this landmark move in place is nothing short of exceptional.

To protect the interests of individual OFSC clubs you cannot complete the on-line purchase of a trail permit without entering your OFSC club’s name. This extra early season deal will get money to clubs quicker than ever before as well as using a new apportioning formula to ensure the money goes to regions with snow. Keep in mind, this landmark move was passed at AGM with overwhelming acceptance and enthusiasm by the member clubs.

So here you go – you can purchase your 2014 Snowmobile Trail Permit online only, on or before November 1, by going to the OFSC’s permit website at www.ofsc.on.ca and ordering direct – for a cost of $180.00 (plus approx $7.50 in handling fees). That amounts to a 30% price saving off a regular Seasonal Trail Permit of $260!

I think we’ll take the October deal.

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