Nytro – The Fix Is In!

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By: Kent Lester

We’ve been anxious to get the ’09 Nytro out on snow to see if all the work Yamaha did to it this summer really makes a difference.

To further mess up our minds, Yamaha got our 2009 press Nytro mixed up and we haven’t had our own to play with yet.

We borrowed a ride on a Nytro from SnowTrax Television this weekend and were really impressed with it.

Last year, the sled darted and hunted on trails like a bloodhound on hamburger.

The condition was especially bad when riding on the kinds of trails we’re getting in Haliburton County this time of year – hardpacked, frozen, ice based trails with lots of ruts used to make this sled jump around until it felt like the bars were going to rip out of your hands.

This year, the front end is completely settled and, although the skis still aren’t the greatest, it handles very predictably and is comfortable to run down frozen trails at all speeds.

The motor is as sweet as ever and with the front end working so well, you really get a feeling of confidence riding the Nytro.

We’re glad we chose this as one of our Best in Class choices this year!

Click here for specs and details!

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