NEVER GIVE UP ON A SLED picked up this totaled Apex from (see ugly photo) and began the seemingly impossible job of making it better than new. Obviously he got carried away and ended up with what is probably one of the nicest Apexes on earth.

To appreciate the painstaking work he did on this sled you need to look at the gorgeous billet parts everywhere ( and some of the specialty parts installed like CB Performance aluminum upper and lower A-arms, FAST Airwave skidframe and a cool looking Excell Motorsports single exhaust system.

There’s a ton of amazing parts and long hours of work on this sled to render it lighter, faster and, as you can see from the pic, way better looking than stock.

Examine the photos closely – this thing is like a rolling aftermarket accessory store – and it’s all been done tastefully so it looks completely integrated. Nice work, TY!

Visit to see the entire rebuild.

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