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Here’s a bit more of our impressions on the 2007 sleds we’ve been racking miles on this winter…

Ski-Doo XRS 800 PowerTEK:

If we were worried about protection from the elements and a plush trail ride the XRS wouldn’t spin our crank.

However, if running ditches is your thing and the distance the track stays off the ground past a big approach is your measurement of fun , the XRS has infinite appeal.

The XRS is not just a beefed up drift hitter, it’s the real thing. As long as temperatures don’t go too low and our riding gear is reasonably warm, the XRS brings a tear to our eye.

It’s unbeatable in the twisties and rules supreme in the rough, rutted stuff. The C-36 remote reservoir KYB’s are sweet enough to bring home to Momma, while welcoming all kinds of abuse.

A surprisingly potent PowerTEK 800 connected to a 1.25 track with factory ice studs grabs like a shoplifter at Target.

Ski-Doo Renegade X 600SDI:

Ski-Doo has worked hard refining the REV Renegade to a higher plane of performance.

Function and form meet seamlessly as the Renegade pulls hard in deep cotton and holds it’s own on a high mile day on white top.

Its 600 SDI mill is impressive at the pumps but could use a few more Clydesdales. We’ve consistently seen some high mpg stats.

Although the racer seat is comfy, light and makes for easy sit/stand transitions, were not sold on the lack of storage space from the factory.

With that much aluminum in the back yard a little trunk space would be welcome in the X-package rigging.

The ride is plush but we’re still not sold on the cheaper looking X-package shocks. Lighter they are, cooler they’re not.

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