Ski-Doo Performance 4-Stroke Model In The Works?

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While 4-stroke perception keeps increasing, we’ve heard faint rumblings from dedicated builder of EPA certified 2-stroke power, Ski-Doo.

Our radar has been picking up tiny blips like this: Suppose Ski-Doo wanted to offer a performance 4-stroke model.

Wouldn’t the new REV-XP platform be a pretty slick place for a lightweight, 120hp 4-stroke twin or triple?

Think about this. The difference between a 600cc 2-stroke and a 120hp 4-stroke is 35 to 40 pounds (don’t ask how we know this).

With the XP tipping in 53 pounds lighter than the original REV, Ski-Doo could intro a 120 HP 4-stroke snowmobile and still be lighter than the original REV and probably lighter than any competing 2-stroke sled.

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