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Here’s a bit more of our impressions on the 2007 sleds we’ve been racking miles on this winter…

Polaris IQ 600 CleanFire:

Every once in a while a sled comes along and exceeds the normal parameters for performance.

Here is such a snowmobile. This engine is way torquey, allowing for pleasing trail riding yet violently powerful providing adrenaline pumping thrust at lake speeds.

The rest of the 600 class is being sent back to school by this ultra clean, fuel stingy mill. We love the handling of the variable caster IFS and ride quality is much improved from last year.

Fit and finish is better than anything Polaris has ever built. The accountants could invest in a better looking ignition switch and the goofy, removable plastic keys on the two trunks are just a bad idea.

Did we mention this 600 literally sips oil?

Polaris IQ FST Cruiser:

At first glance you might think the IQ Cruiser is a bit of a boat, but take it out on the trails or for a run up the lakes and it’s easy to fall in love with it.

Complete protection from the elements and incredible comfort features for driver and passenger make this our top choice when riding double – and the FST Turbo will keep up with the big guns on the lake.

Hot air blows out the clutch and exhaust side footrests during full pulls and this is appreciated on colder days. Running moguls with the adjustable M-10 ACE in one or two up format is super easy.

Making on the fly adjustments to accommodate changing terrain produces immediate and noticeable improvements.

You can switch to single rider mode by swapping-out the rear seat for the walk-in-closet-sized trunk box.

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