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Here’s a bit more of our impressions on the 2007 sleds we’ve been racking miles on this winter…

Arctic Cat Jaguar Z-1:

We think this is Arctic Cat’s best ‘07 F-chassis sled. From the day we picked it up we’ve become increasingly convinced this is a great 4-stroke snowmobile.

Power from the 1100cc Suzuki twin is impressive; fully capable of creasing the C-note on hard pack but deceivingly docile at trail speeds. The floating front-arm skid is the 11th Wonder of the World, providing amazing bump control in any and all conditions.

The Jaguar’s A-arm front end is happy carrying the extra weight of the 4-stroke and delivers linear turn-in and minimal understeer.

The movable seat is no gimmick and the moveable handlebars and adjustable windshield are nice touches. Fuel mileage is okay but not great – about 16 mpg.

Arctic Cat F-1000 LX-R:

This sled has fallen a bit short of our expectations so far. While we appreciate the moveable seat, bars and adjustable windshield and everyone agrees the LX-R’s floating front arm 128-inch skid is amazing, the power this 1000 twin lays down in the F-chassis is disappointing.

However, buyers we’ve talked to are pleased with improvements in quality, fit and finish as well as the standard goodies the F-platform delivers. It’s the same problem as always: Build a big inch sled and it better be fast.

Handling on the 1000 LX-R is less precise than the Jaguar or Crossfire, exhibiting some understeer and push when plied hard in the twisties.

These issues, including top end power delivery, have all been covered for 2008.

Arctic Cat Crossfire 1000:

We are believers in the Crossfire platform and, in our books, the 1000 appears to be the ultimate 136-inch Cat.

The 1000 performs best in the CF chassis and our Crossfire one liter is fast, hauling up to the C-note with authority.

It gets over 16 mpg on hard pulls and the best part of the sled is this: it doesn’t feel heavy. Handling from the CF platform is good on trails allowing precise corner carving and very little understeer.

We’d like to see some better footrests, the new dual runner carbides are unspeakably expensive and noisy on light snow cover and the reverse button could be friendlier.

These are small gripes and Arctic’s new quality fit and finish is clearly demonstrated on this sled.

We regularly spend time admiring the Crossfire’s clean lines. The new Diamond Drive reverse is the industry benchmark for backward action.

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