More Disagreement On 144-inch Crossovers

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A 144″ is way better than a 136. JUST go off the trail ONCE and you will find the 136″ bogging in deeper snow being lake riding or fields and besides its your short track sled spinning around corners doing all the damage, but you should know this if your a sledder. I’D SAY BAN 121″. Useless at most everything.

– Greg Wilburn

I currently own a 2010 dragon switchback and find that if i had a 1.5″ track but still kept the 136″ length that it would be perfect for the majority of my riding on trail. I tend to ride about 75% on trail and used to own a 2004 switchback 144 with 1.5″ track and that was just a little too long for the trails. There has only been a couple of times in the drifts I wish I still had the 144.

– Deerfield, NY

Wow. What a narrow-minded opinion on 144-inch tracks. I’m not saying that I would buy one, but I am VERY partial to tracks with longer lugs (more than 1.25 and less than 1.5) and longer than 128. I strongly disagree that they “tear up” trails. It is MUCH more difficult to break loose a longer skid w/longer lugs given the same amount of HP. Simple physics dude. Plus, on hardpack trails the lugs actually roll over a bit AND are less likely to be studded…put a 160+ HP on a 1″ studded track – that will tear up anything. Use your head before blurting your opinion. Do you have any evidence or research to back up such a claim?

– Lockport, Manitoba

Kent Responds:

Sorry to be so narrow. Obviously I need to have opinions exactly like yours. My disagreement is the way these sleds handle on trails. No sled should have lugs deeper than 1.25 if it’s being ridden on trails.

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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