Poll Results on 144-inch Tracks Leans to Shorter

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Wow. All this kerfuffle about 144-inch tracks on Crossovers!

Interestingly, we polled our readers last month asking the question: “The ideal track size for a crossover sled is:” and the results were overwhelmingly against the longer tracked Crossover sleds.

The survey said 64.07% of respondents preferred a 136-137-inch track, either 15 or 16-inches wide, over a 144-incher or a 141-incher. Only 20.96 percent preferred a 144-inch track.

Official Results:

38.32% – 136-137×15-inches
25.75% – 136-137×16-inches
20.96% – 144-inches
09.58% – 141-inches
05.39% – 128×16-inches

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