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Reader, Matt Ryder, asked about the reduced presence of Polaris 4-strokes in the model line-up and we’ve been puzzling about the same thing.

In 2013, Polaris has reduced its number of 4-stroke models significantly and has pretty much limited buyers’ choices to the 2-up touring market.

We’ve had some 121 and 136-inch turbocharged Polarii press units the last few years and have really grown to love and respect these sleds for their hypersled-equaling performance.

No question, the big Turbo 2-upper is a potent sled and you can read a short report in the upcoming issue of Supertrax (December 2012) how we took this gargantuan yacht on a long ride with three 800 hypersleds last year and how well it performed head-to-head with much lighter and supposedly faster snowmobiles.

Frankly, the IQ-based Turbo Touring would be one of our first choices compared to any 4-stroke on the market. All this being said, it looks like Polaris isn’t too pumped about serving the 4-stroke world of customers.

However, there’s more than one big “unless” here: Unless Polaris has something completely new up its corporate sleeve. Unless Polaris has a new 4-stroke platform based on Pro-Ride using the same lightweight bonded assembly as the Indy and RUSH. Unless Polaris has a new direction in engine tech with a DI 2-stroke range of mills in the wings. Unless it has a new 4-stroke engine with larger displacement and (maybe) no need of a turbocharger.

Frankly, we’re not ready to let go of this fabulous performing power package and truly hope all of Polaris’s 4-stroke engineering and experience doesn’t get sewered.

Furthermore, we think there’s a whole wave of high performance buyers who are truly looking for the longevity and performance balance you get with a 4-stroke.

Believe us, we’ve heard from a lot of you who would willingly put your money on a 4-stroke after years of frustration with 2-stroke explosions.

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