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It looks like Polaris’s intention to revive the Indy nameplate has been a big success. The revival is so good that Polaris has added a number of new Indys to its 2014 model line-up.

Doesn’t it just make sense there would be a new Indy 800 in the model mix? Ever since riding the Indy 600 last year we’ve been super impressed with the Indy’s uber agile and very light platform.

This sled’s weight is very close to its lightest competitors’ and its nimble handling and lightning-quick responses are a natural-born magnet for more horsepower.

The new 800 is only available in SP trim and that means you’ll be getting adjustable Fox IFP gas shocks all around, Pro-Steer skis and heated hooker handlebars.

The fully coupled Indy skid delivers 13.9 inches of travel and comes with a 15x121x1-inch HackSaw track. We’re thinking this lug depth may be a little light with this much available power so you may want to invest in some traction products.

At any rate, this featherweight package should launch hard and the proven durability of its Cleanfire 800 SDI 2-stroke is right at the top of the industry.

We really like the mid-height windshield and 3.5-inch riser for comfortable stand-up riding. The 800 is available in black or red/black trim.

Our biggest question will be pricing. Polaris has grown to domination in the ATV business with genuinely bargain priced new sleds in categories that are the most popular.

We think that strategy may be played out with the Indy 800 SP – certainly if the pricing of last year’s Indy 600 is any indication.

This one promises to be a lot of sled for the money.

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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