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Maybe you missed the boat when the opportunity came to early-order a new sled last year and now the old blister sadly sagging in your garage is looking pretty outdated.

Also, all your buddies are taking delivery of shiny new iron this month and you’re feeling left out.

The future looks bleak riding your 5-year-old beater all winter, trying to keep up, and now you’ve changed your mind and want a new sled… ASAP.

Problem is, all the specially equipped new stuff is accounted for at dealers and you don’t want to pay a premium price to get less.

Cheer up. There are deals out there. Here’s a few of our 2019 high-value favorites you should check out:


All the sizzle is on the new Walker-Evans shock equipped Indy XC this year, but Polaris has mass produced an excellent 600 SP that is really well equipped and has all the appeal of the higher priced, highly touted-on-Snow-Check XC.

The difference? Basically, just the shocks. Although the 600 SP is only available as a 600, its 125-hp Cleanfire twin rocks and you get all the goodness of the new Indy chassis: Lightness, a 129-inch track, full AXYS platform with the new Pro-CC coupled skidframe and excellent, pre-load adjustable IFP gas shocks.

Best part? You’ll pay $10,999 USD for a brand new, completely up-to-date sled.


It’s tough to look through the Ski-Doo brochure past the ultra-equipped X-RS and X-Series models and fall in love with the TNT. The truth is, however, the mainstream TNT has a lot to offer for a reasonable price.

This is Ski-Doo’s bread-and butter in-season model and there are likely still some in supply at dealers. It’s available with both 600R and 850 E-TEC power, too, so that’s a good thing depending on what engine size your friends have bought.

Once again, this sled has all the up-to-date tech of the G4 platform with a 129-incher, rMotion with gas shocks and all the goodness of E-TEC. Keep in mind, the 600R is a completely new engine this year and claims about 125-hp.

The 600 will set you back about $11,399 USD and the 850, $12,749 USD.

2019 ARCTIC CAT ZR 7000 & ZR 6000

The ZR 7000 was updated this year with new bodywork and still has that bulletproof 1049cc Yamaha 4-stroke driving a TEAM primary and a roller secondary under its hood.

This is a super-reliable 130-hp, 137-inch sled that rides really good and is completely up-to date. You’ll pay $11,999 USD.

Don’t want a 4-stroke? You can get the 129-inch ZR 6000 with its proven DSI 2-stroke for $11,249 USD. It also has the latest plastic, same clutching combo as the 7000 and its engine makes power in the 125-range.


If you’re lucky, you still might be able to find a brand new-still-in-the-crate 2017 or 2018 Yamaha. These sleds are discounted to clear the decks this year and constitute excellent value.

There are few changes across the board compared to new ones and these sleds ride, handle and perform pretty much the same as the 2019s, depending on the model.

Think about it. You can save hundreds, maybe even thousands of bucks locating one of these brand-new non-current Yammers. Definitely worth going on a hunt for the one you like.

Good luck!

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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