Impressed With Ski-Doo GTX Limited

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By: Kent Lester

We’ve taken our GTX press unit on a lot of long distance rides this year; both with one and two people onboard, and have been completely impressed with it.

First, we’re well aware of the reverse gear issues with some ’09 GTX Ski-Doos and with almost all electric shift Ski-Doo 1200 4-strokes (manual shift TNT 1200s aren’t having any problems).

Ours has been back twice for re-fitment of springs and cogs and we chalk it up to first-year glitches with a new sled. BRP has been working hard to remedy the problem and, thus far, it seems to have been cured.

The GTX is extremely good at what it was designed to do – transport its passengers in extreme comfort.

Its windshield is just the right height without being so big it creates drafts up the back of your suit and the sled’s ergonomics are incredibly good whether you’re riding in ultra-cold weather or just normal temperatures.

The Limited’s air-adjustable suspension is flat-out awesome, the gauges and switchgear are perfect and its 1200 4-stroke is both economical and powerful. When we say economical, we need to qualify that this engine does not get the same miserly fuel economy as the 600 E-TEC.

Amazingly, despite the fact the 4-stoke’s mileage is near the top of the industry heap, we found there’s still a 3-5 mpg mileage differential between the two. However, we’re talking the difference between chocolate and chocolate ripple here.

We love this big 4-stroke and all the comfort and pampering the GTX offers. In our opinion, this is the best 2-upper Ski-Doo has ever built – and it’s built a few!

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