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Ski-Doo went all-in when it released the new Gen5 platform for use in the 2023 MX-Z Blizzard.

Finish quality has been amplified as has the reduction in noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) in the new chassis powered by the now-iconic 165-hp Rotax 850 E-TEC twin.

The Gen5 Blizzard arrives with a new engine mounting system and it effectively erases chassis vibration to make this sled’s incredible smoothness possible.

The Blizzard uses the industry benchmark 129-inch rMotion X rear suspension. This skidframe delivers the best ride in the business and ever since the X changes arrived two seasons ago, it has allowed the new Gen5 to corner laser level with nary a hint of inside ski lift on corner exit.

With quality shocks up front and in the rMotion X skid, Blizzard pilots can reach new heights of driver control as both the front RAS X suspension and the rMotion X skid respond intuitively to varying trail conditions. There’s really only one way to describe the Gen5 Blizzard’s ride quality – supremely plush!

Gen5 ergonomics take riders to a higher echelon of all-day comfort utilizing a centered, aerodynamic rider pocket. Aggressive vented running boards and a flat-top seat provide confidence-inspiring grip when attacking tight, technical trails. The rider can easily move around on the Gen5 in response to any terrain while always maintaining complete control.

Rotax E-TEC direct injection power is the industry standard for lightweight, emissions-clean 2-stroke engine performance. Better yet, the 850 extrudes its formidable thrust all the way from engagement to wide-open throttle. Furthermore, both fuel and oil consumption are class leading.

Ski-Doo’s breakthrough Gen5 chassis melds perfectly into the popular Blizzard 129-inch trail platform bringing improved rider comfort, improved handling and dramatically reduced vibration while presenting a seamless, clean body profile snowmobilers will definitely approve of.

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