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This is a brand new sled from Polaris this year and replaces the old Edge based entry-level 2-upper that had grown long-in-the-tooth a couple of years ago.

First impressions of this snowmobile is that it is really good looking. The paint and graphics are cool but more than anything, the new IQ bodywork exudes high quality and a very sporty appeal you usually don’t get with sleds in this category.

We were particularly impressed with the LXT’s engine performance. We’ve often found that as engines go through the EPA certification clean-up process, they actually turn out to be faster and stronger than before.

Polaris has done a nice job with this little mill and it really feels better than it ever did in the old Edge chassis.

Hey, it’s a 550 fan for crying out loud – you can’t expect it to act like a Cleanfire 600 – yet this mill pulls up to trail speeds very briskly and, on its maiden voyage, held a solid 70-per in powder snow.

We suspect the fine tuning to get it closer to emission levels has resulted in a leaner burn and the engine even has a nice, crisp new sound now.

The rest is all good. The warmth and comfort lever here is excellent and the suspension seems to be even better than when we rode the prototype last March. Good to know the engineers don’t quit working on these sleds over the spring and summer.

Handling is IQ nimble and the steering weight is very light, as it should be with a 550 fan. We think this is going to be a great package for Polaris.

It really is an over-achiever for its price and it’s the kind of sled you can really start a relationship with.

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