Do Snowmobilers Really Want Cheaper Sleds?

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We keep getting reports from dealers about the biggest selling models out of their showrooms and it seems to be the upgraded, big-inch, fully loaded sleds that are selling best.

Many dealers have told us they don’t order many of the base models or the real value sleds because buyers are always looking for the biggest and best.

Some tell us that many customers would rather just look around for a jammed one or two year old model still in the crate, than buy a current year one that’s got basic equipment but not all the bells and whistles.

It speaks well of the snowmobile business that buyers are prosperous enough to want a sled with all the goodies. The fact most buyers won’t compromise on getting well-equipped sleds with lots of power could mean things aren’t as bad as some media would like us to believe.

Nevertheless, if you haven’t checked out sleds like the 600EFI Shift 121 or 136 and the MX-Z Sport 600, you just don’t know how well equipped these sleds are for cheap money.

You can have your cake and eat it too and get a brand new, current model sled with a full warranty. Makes a lot of sense to us.

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