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Our minds are truly bent by the amount of interest in vintage snowmobiles right now.

This phenomenon has been around for nearly a decade and just continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

If you’ve checked out the current issue of Supertrax, you’ll know our Annual Vintage Calendar lists a cross-section of vintage events you can attend this winter on both sides of the border.

Because of magazine production dates we’re only able to list events from the end of October through to the spring and, as you know there are many, many events that take place earlier than that. In total, there are hundreds of them. It’s just nuts how many people are into vintage!

Why wouldn’t they be, though. Here’s a chance to buy something cheap, fix it up and literally go back in time, enjoying a snowmobile you maybe rode with your parents three or four decades ago or even heard your grandfather talk about.

It’s a comment on the age group who are into vintage. We’ve noticed at a lot of events it isn’t just old guys checking out the vintage parts and used sleds. There are tons of younger people in their late teens and twenties who either own a classic sled or who are looking for one.

This age group is serious about it, too. These are young snowmobilers who want to get their hands dirty and get under the hood to learn firsthand about 2-stroke tech, performance tuning, suspensions and clutching. They simply wouldn’t be able to afford to do it with a late model sled jammed with electronics and hi-tech gizmology.

As it is, no matter what your age is, it’s a lot of fun to put some knuckle skin into an old sled, resurrect it and then take it for a ride. It’s even better if you do it with a dozen or more riders who are into the same stuff.

It says something about the social aspect of snowmobiling. Strange how the equipment tends to bring us together isn’t it?

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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