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If you’re a fan of snowmobiling films of any kind – heck, if you’re a snowmobiler in any capacity whatsoever, you absolutely must check out Fourc4st presented by Highmark Films.

Fourc4st is a behind the scenes look at snowcross, hillclimbing and big mountain and freeriding featuring such moguls as Chris Burandt, Brett Turcotte, the Tapio Brothers and many more.

This film is absolutely awesome and a cinematic work of brilliance by die-hard snowmobile enthusiast and gifted Director Jorli Ricker that captures the excitement and thrill all snowmobilers feel when the pistons start firing and the track starts grabbing white.

The entire industry and the snowmobiling community as a whole must support Jorli Ricker and his pursuits. Believe me, you want him to make another film and by the first throttle squeeze; you’ll see why.

Seriously go out and buy this DVD – don’t rent or borrow, lay down your hard earned cash and pick up your very own copy of Fourc4st. You won’t be sorry.

Visit to grab your copy.

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