BEST IN CLASS AWARDS: Best 150hp Snowmobile

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Winner: Ski-Doo MX-Z XP 800R

In the 150-horse division, the lightweight and extremely potent XP 800R is unequalled in its ability to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

After racking up serious miles on our limited build 2008 XP 800 last season, it’s no surprise to anyone around here why BIC honors are being given to this snowmobile.

The 800R’s PowerTek mill runs cool to the touch thanks to liquid cooled cases while cranking out 152 eager horses.

Equally impressive as the XP’s lightness would be the 25-plus mpg we recorded on multiple occasions.

Its lack of thirst makes this showroom missile a 600 SDI economy beater.

The XP chassis shows Jenny Craig what weight loss is all about. Individually lighter parts integrate with cast aluminum structural components bringing to life totally revolutionary design concepts previously reserved for bullet bikes and exotic cars.

Corner to corner finesse meshed with free-riding flick-ability puts this 150-plus bullet in a class of its own.

Runner-Up: Yamaha Apex GT

Besides feeling a little over-nourished this sled pushes 4-stroke perception boundaries and proves Yamaha knows how to build a big power, lake honing sled.

Rider comfort is near-perfect making the Apex a first choice for both high mile rides or a record pull down a fresh buttered lake.

4-stroke, eye socket packing grunt and an exhaust note worthy of an iTunes download come standard.

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