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Mark Says:

I think my built-in percept-ometer is working pretty close to 100-percent perfectly these days. Proof? My selection of the G4 MXZ XRS in this coveted category.

Relying on years of experience, thousands of miles of test riding and excellent personal grooming I have concluded beyond any shadow of doubt the new full-jam, wanna-be approved XRS variant of the MXZ is the BIC winner in this category.

Okay, I can hear the crowing from the back row claiming the SideWinder is the fastest Ultra-Performance sled, and those voices deserve recognition (well, maybe not too much recognition).

Clearly, if terminal lake velocity is the sole criteria for this BIC then the Sidewinder and the ZR 9000 would be the winners. However, my intuitive common sense sez this: There’s more to ultra performance than winding a speedo-needle to three digits.

The XRS delivers the best power and top speed among all stock, normally aspirated sleds in MY18. This snowmobile possesses the best trail ride compliance at any speed with virtually any sized rider, from soaking wet 120 pounders to corn fed, seat foam packing Bubbas.

The technology behind the G4 is exceptional but the proof is in the pudding. Take this rocket down Kevlar Lake and you won’t be disappointed – in fact you’ll be blown away.

The 850’s 165 ponies hold the skis in the air past 60 per and the premium, fully adjustable KYBs absorb anything in your path. This, in totality, is what a BIC Award recognizes, appreciates and honors.

Kenny, go put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Kent Says:

Well, Mark, you’re certainly in your wheelhouse with this category. If ever there was someone who could be swayed by the sound of a big-inch 2-stroke, it’s thineself.

I think your 2-stroke bias has become embarrassing, however, when you miss obvious choices and take a 162-hp sled over one that makes close to 200.

Isn’t that what this category is all about? C’mon, it’s about first to the end of the lake; it’s about absolutely baking any big-inch 2-stroke you come across; it’s about the addictive thrill of dipping into the turbocharger on every straight and flattening your helmet’s chin strap.

Those are the reasons we buy these sleds and the SideWinder simply leaves no doubt, makes no excuses and exceeds every velocity addict’s expectations.

Here’s another thing. Don’t try to tell me how Ski-Doo is kicking everyone’s booty with advanced technology. The Sidewinder’s conversion to a roller secondary is a big deal but the fine-tuning and precision that goes into harnessing an engine with this much power and making it so pleasing to ride absolutely borders on the miraculous.

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Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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