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Kent Says:

The competition is really tough in this category with both Polaris and Cat building very, very good 2-stroke mountain sleds now.

It makes Ski-Doo’s achievement even greater to build a mountain sled that has broken through to class prominence in this type of crowd.

No sucking up here, but those goals have been reached by offering incredible, class-shattering technology. Starting with the new 850 E-TEC, there’s mountain-impressive bottom end, super throttle response and very real durability.

The troops have been arguing the superiority of t-Motion for a couple of years and those who are open-minded enough to try it, love it.

pDrive clutching absolutely maximizes every pony in the stable and last, the introduction of SHOT capacitor electric start this year adds the convenience of one of the most asked-for mountain options without adding weight.

We feel 165-inches is the ideal Summit track length when combined with a 3-inch-lug and allows the Summit to generate excellent powder handling and incredible vertical bite without stretching track length to 175-inches.

Mark, don’t get me wrong here: I think most mountain hardcores would be happy with any of the 2018 offerings from Cat, Polaris and Ski-Doo.

The main thing is, Ski-Doo keeps making quantum leaps in this class and that’s what puts the Summit ahead.


Mark Says:

Kent, you’re living dangerously. Sure, the new Summit G4 is good. In fact, without exception, every one of them is a very capable mountain rooster. However, they’re heavy and that’s the ace Polaris will play in MY 2018.

In the mountain marketplace the RMK continues to be the benchmark, the target, the goal line. If Ski-Doo wants to gain and hold onto the mountain market sales crown (and it does) somebody better fire up a dremel and pare weight from the G4 Summit platform.

Kent, I would really enjoy insulting your intelligence, which I’m actually pretty good at these days. However, I will you spare you that kind of embarrassment and actually throw a little bread on the water by saying Ski-Doo has done a great job with the new G4 mountain sleds.

What they haven’t done is hit the nail on the head. The nail being lighter weight which will continue to propel the Pro RMK to heroic levels of acceptance in the vert market.

It’s pretty hard to defend extra weight by saying SHOT is lighter than electric start. Yes, it is, but the sled with or without SHOT is heavier than the Pro RMK. And that, Kenneth, is intelligent analysis.

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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