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Kent Says:

Here’s another example of Polaris skewing a model segment in an effort to extract the most versatility possible.

Yep, there’s an Expedition Extreme Ski-Doo and a Bearcat Arctic Cat and a Yamaha Viking, too. However, Polaris is taking the Titan to a whole new genre, the extreme X-over market.

In simpler terms, this means the Titan has been designed to be more than a fur-hat, bib coverall ride and made it socially acceptable for riders to show up on a 20-wide 155-inch x 1.8-lugger with over 150-hp.

Here’s why this is important: The new Titan comes in a sporty flavor called the “XC” and no kidding whatsoever, this sled is a legit trail-deep snow ride that handles twisties like a Polaris AXYS, rides ultra plush and can be driven into bottomless snow, stopped, then driven away without hesitation.

It’s so broadly capable and yet so powerfully fast we had to give this BIC – the first year for it, to the new Titan.

Let me throw in this reality, the XC comes with our fave dampers: Fox QS-3s and a list of available accessories as long as your leg.

If you’re snickering at a sled of this dimension, you might want to try out a Titan before you pass judgment. There’s nothing not to like here.

Well done, Polaris!


Kent Says:

Gee whiz, Mark, talk about missing the obvious! Umh… have you noticed Ski-Doo has been building a sled just like the Titan XC for the last three years?

The Expedition Extreme has pretty much all the features of the Titan and actually set the bar for the competition to jump over years ago.

Big-inch 2-stroke power? You bet – except this one uses super-clean 800 E-TEC technology. Suspension? The Ex-Ex uses advanced skid design to deliver a ride that’s like sitting on pillows made of clouds and rooted in goose down. Traction? Sure, maybe not as good – oh wait… it’s got a 154 x 20 track, too!

C’mon, the Polaris is great but it’s simply the next shiny thing and that’s what has hypnotized you.

Just an aside comment here: One thing that has made these sleds so acceptable is the fact their overall look and styling makes it so you can ride one without looking like an idiot.

I’ll just say this: That principle applies in most cases, but not all.

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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