Authentic Quebec – Part 4

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Perhaps the greatest part about doing a saddlebag trip by snowmobile in Quebec, is no matter where you go you and your snowmobile will be welcomed with open arms. You don’t get upturned noses from places that would rather cater to cross-country skiers dining on tofu and trail mix.

Auberge Beau Lieu was one of these unique places. To be honest, we’re accustomed to being spoiled with upgraded accommodations but the unexpected changes to our schedule the day before made Auberge Beau Lieu our only option at the end of that first long day.

We couldn’t have been happier here. It was a clean room with a bed and a shower. That’s pretty much it and it’s all we needed. It also had a cozy and charming restaurant right next door. Most importantly though, the hospitality was out of this world with the owner and local residents making us feel welcome.

We had arrived pretty late at night, so we celebrated the day’s events with a night-cap and called it a day. The next morning we woke up early and headed next door for an Authentic Quebec breakfast and were quickly back on the trails.

We had another big day planned and during the night the groomers had been out giving us some more peanut butter-like snow-highways to enjoy.

Five miles down the trail we pulled over, did a happy dance and literally got down on our knees and kissed the trail. We were loving every minute of it and now it was time to venture north, up the new pipeline trail with the throttle WFO.

We would take this amazing trail half way to La Toque and then turn East, en route towards our next stay at the wonderful Pouvourie du Lac Blanc.

This part of the ride in the Mauricie region was absolutely gorgeous with snow covered treetops and extreme elevations. We saw a lot of Americans and tour groups from France and it was great to see how positive everyone was after experiencing ideal snow and trail conditions.

Without much confusion this day, we were able to just enjoy the ride and take in everything along the way. We stopped several times for photo ops and this is where Vern used his GoPro to shoot some sweet video. This ride was the stereotypical, perfect ride day snowmobilers dream about all year.

Before it was over though, we did come across a tour group of rookie riders, from France, and one of them learned the hard way just how careful you have to be. He had taken a corner too fast, panicked and hit the throttle instead of the brake which resulted in a get-off that snapped his femur in half.

We arrived just a few minutes after and offered assistance but the experienced guide had already called ahead for help. We didn’t know just how bad the situation was until we bumped into the group at dinner that evening.

Before we knew it, we were following signs to our next stay at Pouvoire du Lac Blanc. The Quebec lodges that truly thrive on snowmobile business always have their own feeder trails leading right to the front door of the establishments.

The owners take great pride in these trails, keeping them groomed silky smooth almost like the red carpet being rolled out for you.

Pouvoirie du Lac Blanc is best known for their excellent fishing and wide variety of outdoor activities. You can play hockey on their custom outdoor rink, go tubing down the snow covered runs, try dog sledding, skiing, snowshoeing or hiking.

When you call, ask them about hydraskiing. Recently the owners made a multi-million dollar investment with the addition of an incredible indoor pool and oversized spa/hot tub that is one of a kind.

We arrived in the evening and were taken on a private tour to see the pool and all we could say was… WOW! The pool has its own light show and the glass ceiling makes you feel like you could reach up and grab the stars. It’s absolutely amazing.

The owners also added a new wing to the lodge with gorgeous rooms overlooking the lake as well as a new lobby with slate floors and a spectacular fireplace. When you walk in the door you just know your departure is going to come too soon.

The downstairs bar is more of the same atmosphere with fireplaces and warmth with a buzz of excitement while the upstairs dining room serves up traditional French-Canadian cuisine that’ll satisfy even the toughest critic.

Pouvoirie Lac Blanc is a magical, romantic and extremely fun place to stay, whether you’re a snowmobiler or just a lover of the great outdoors.

Pouvoirie du Lac Blanc 819.265.4242

Matt Lester
Matt Lester
Matt Lester is an Account Manager for Dirt Trax TV. He is also a Contributing Editor and Guest Correspondent on the show focusing on tourism & adventure segments.

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