Arctic Cat Crossfire 600: Off-Trail Handling

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Want to know how the 600 Crossfire takes on ditches, untouched lakes and wide open play areas? Read on:

The sled designed as a deep snow ride first is the best in deep snow. The Crossfire just loves ditches and pulling powder hooks in the deep stuff.

In the flatlands you can even imagine you’re riding at elevation when the snow’s waist deep. The Crossfire is a natural at getting up on top and staying there in bottomless fluff.

Another factor rooted in the X-Fire’s mountain sled DNA is the rider’s perch. This sled is roomy for stand-up, running board hopping gymnastics. The bars are way forward, high and a stock grab bar is perfectly positioned. The footrests are the most open among all the sleds here. When snow piles on them they shed the fluff through ji-normous grip/vents.

Flotation is, in the purest sense, a product of mathematical ground pressure. In the real world it’s tightly linked to skidframe attack angles, belly pan design and even clutching.

The Crossfire has all the bases covered well in this equation. It can be driven straight into fluff, stopped, dismounted and then powered up and driven away without incident. You don’t need to park on a downhill grade or loop around to form a track line; this ride loves the deep.

Pull onto an untramped lake and the X-Fire will plane out like a boat elevating itself above the fluff – free from its belly and running boards gliding on the track and the ski tails.

We found the X-Fire’s somewhat twitchy handling at high speed on hard pack to be absolutely perfect when navigating untramped lakes at 60 to 80 mph.

The handling parameters of this mountain based chassis become more prevalent and appreciated the more you venture off-trail.

The Crossfire provides the best rider protection from snowdust and clearly has the best induction system for keeping snow out of the airbox. Again, the sled was designed for powder and it shows here.

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