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We give a lot of space to writing about the biggest, most powerful offerings in the snowmobile business.

True, most of the hype coming from the snowmobile OEMs is focused on the 800-850 class and the turbocharged 4-stroke sleds from Cat and Yamaha.

Interestingly, when it comes to plunking down cash for a new ride, a considerable number of the masses walk past these hyper models and look for sleds maxing out at about 130-hp.

Yes, there are still plenty of sales for the big-inch, big-horse sleds but the actual sales stats favor the tamer beasts.

Here’s why:

1. The 600 class is really, really good. If you spend any time riding the newest crop of 600 2-strokes, you’ll soon learn how powerful and quick-accelerating they are. We continually meet people who tell us they actually prefer the manners of a 600 compared to an 800 or 850.

2. You’ll save at least a grand, and usually more, by buying a 600 instead of an 800. If you go for a 600 over a turbo, you’re looking at three to four thou difference. Buying a Viper instead of a SideWinder will save you at least the same as the comparison between a 600 and an 800.

3. Most 600s use the same shocks and tracks as 800s and turbos. Thus, the riding experience is almost identical, save for more top end on tap with the bigger-inch sleds. It means you can pretty much trail ride a 600 head-to head with the bigger stuff day-in, day-out.

4. The used-sled market trusts used 600-class and mid-sized 4-strokes more than used big-inchers. It’s always interesting to us how, three-years-old, there’s not much difference in the resale price of a 600 compared to a hyper (with the exception of the turbo-4-strokes). Could it be because the perception is bigger sleds lead a harsher life?

5. You will be in the majority. Talk to people who own ACE 900s, 4-TECs, Vipers, and any 600 2-stroke and they will tell you how happy they are with the quietness, lack of smoke, reliability, durability, gas mileage and pure riding pleasure they get. It’s why these sleds are the meat of the snowmobile market.

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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