2022 SKI-DOO BACKCOUNTRY: Refined Split Personality

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Ski-Doo is known for studying market trends, anticipating customer needs and developing calculated responses. This is precisely the lineage of Ski-Doo’s Backcountry Series.

Without a doubt the Crossover (X-Over) market is gaining traction in Model Year 2022. Sleds catering to the dual purpose, on/off trail crowd are in hot demand and, as a result some OEMs have thrown fresh and innovative technology at this burgeoning segment.

Ski-Doo is no exception. Both the G4 850 and 600R E-TEC powered Backcountry series exemplifies the determination and drive Ski-Doo has to be the leader in every segment in the snowmobile industry. These Backcountry Ski-Doos leave nothing – zip – nada – on the table.

From its cMotion, transfer reactive, uncoupled 146-inch skidframe to its hybrid RAS 3 double A-arm front end that incorporates the best features of the Summit RAS with the MX-Z RAS X, Ski-Doo delivers a true dual purpose, variable width suspension system that’s specific to the Backcountry series.

Flotation is at the heart of any deep snow, off-trail foray. Ski-Doo ups the ante with an aggressive crossover-specific 146-inch track and skid. The cMotion suspension uses no coupling on the rear arm resulting in near telepathic lift that can propel the Backcountry up and on top of bottomless fluff as capably it does in more densely packed snow. Likewise, cMotion uses a rising rate rear arm shock to process whooped-out trails when you head out for a big-mile excursion.

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The Backcountry wouldn’t be worthy of all this praise if it didn’t perform capably as a trail sled – and it does! Quickly adjust the skis to the 41-inch width up front and the low CG, G4 platform responds with crisp turn-in and solid-as-a-rock on-center handling as you head for the next corner. Rider gymnastics are welcome when carving trails as a result of the G4’s flat-top seat, stepped side panels and open cockpit design.

The 146-inch track is a tangible improvement in flotation off trail but as a result of the c-Motion’s tipped rails there is virtually no perceptible understeer on hard-packed trails.

No commentary on the Backcountry series would be complete without recognition of the highly sophisticated yet civilized power from either of the direct-injected Rotax E-TEC 600R or E-TEC 850 engine options.

E-TEC technology is without equal in the snowmobile industry. Simply stated, there is no other induction system that delivers such instantaneous and smoke-free starting, buttery smooth idle, fuel efficiency and stumble-free warmup these engines possess.

Add in the availability of Rotax’s revolutionary “SHOT” featherweight electric start system and you have power packages that easily exceed the most discriminating X-Over buyer’s expectations.

The 2022 Backcountry is capably Ski-Doo’s true on and off-trail crossover. And It does it all without compromise!

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