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Polaris has done it again. It has changed the rules and raised the bar in the snowmobile business for MY 2021. The all-new Matryx platform is the biggest news since the arrival of the revolutionary AXYS.


Polaris’ calling card is industry leading handling. The low CG, controlled roll center, plush-acting variable castor independent front suspension used on the new INDY VR1, INDY XC Launch Edition AND Switchback Assault 146 models on the Matryx platform closely mirrors the original design with important upgrades designed to enhance the benchmark in snowmobile handling and control.

All-new forged IFS spindles and radically altered rider ergonomics contribute to even better handling. The rider’s perch is fully 4.8 inches narrower through the gas tank and seat junction while the seat itself has been lowered one full inch.

The result is near-telepathic initial turn-in followed by confidence inspiring mid-turn bite due to the platform’s laser level posture which keeps both skis in contact with the trail – whether the riding surface is whooped-out with ruts or freshly groomed.

The rider simply has more control over the chassis as a result of the unique ergonomics.

Visit snowmobiles.polaris.com for more.


The Matryx platform is available in the SnowCheck exclusive 2021 Indy VR1 in 129 and 137-inch lengths, the new, limited release, Indy XC Launch Edition in 129 and 137 inch track lengths and the all new SnowCheck exclusive Switchback Assault 146. All models on the Matryx platform come with either the brand new, class shattering Patriot 650 or the now legendary, Patriot 850 engine under the hood. Speaking of the hood, the Matryx platform debuts all-new bodywork that’s significantly leaner but significantly warmer for the rider.


Make no mistake about it, the new Patriot 650 is not a reworked 600 Liberty, it’s an all-new engine boasting a full 10-percent increase in peak horsepower and a formidable shot of arm straightening mid-range thrust. Besides this, the new Patriot 650 is incredibly fuel efficient delivering a noticeable, marked improvement when compared to the Liberty 600.

Visit snowmobiles.polaris.com for more.


The Matryx platform is the first sled of this era to offer not just adequate but abundant storage. Behind the amazing 7S touch screen digital display is a cavernous 7.6 liter heated trunk. To put it more graphically, there’s enough room for 5 pairs of goggles – and that’s not the only storage space! Pop-off the easy-to-remove seat to expose another generous storage compartment.

Visit snowmobiles.polaris.com for more.


Let’s face it. We’ve come to accept how poorly snowmobile heated hand grips and thumb warmers actually function. All Matryx models come with the most sophisticated adjustable heaters ever seen in the snowmobile industry. These new SmartWarmer grips can be programmed to the exact degree you choose for low, medium and high settings.

Once you enter your desired temperature settings, the sled will prioritize warmth to the heated bars and thumb until your preselected level is achieved and then maintain that temperature all day long. No more freezing digits in a crosswind or burnt thumbs. Once you use these heaters you’ll agree – this is a big deal!

Visit snowmobiles.polaris.com for more.


Polaris continues to lead the way in rider-friendly technology with a 7-inch full color, touchscreen, GPS enabled display that can be toggled from all-new left hand navigation that’s smooth, illuminated and intuitive. You can also toggle the display with screen mounted controls.

Previously only available on Polaris Off-Road Vehicles, and optimized for the unique conditions of show, is the game changing “Group Ride” feature that shows where your riding companions are in relation to you in real time without cell coverage. If your friends aren’t smart enough to ride a Polaris they can download the app and they’ll appear on your screen, depending on cell coverage.

Polaris has raised the ante on LED headlights with another industry-first headlight! The new Night Blade lighting system uses dual projector beams: Two for low beam and two for high beam with LED accent lighting to illuminate a wide and deep field of vision.

Polaris’ ultra-plush, weight transfer sensitive Pro CC rear suspension is used to produce superb ride quality anyone can custom tune with either Walker Evans Velocity shocks – standard on VR1 models, or Walker Evans Force shocks on Indy XC Launch Edition models. Either way the new models are designed to deliver both class leading ride quality and industry leading handling and control.

You owe it to yourself to take a close look at the new Polaris INDY VR1, INDY XC Launch Edition or Switchback Assault 146. You’ll find – just as we did – a new level of fit, finish, ride, handling and power in the snowmobile industry.

Check out the full line of Polaris snowmobiles at snowmobiles.polaris.com.

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