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Another Year, Another Battle! These Guys Think They’re Right. What Do You Think?


I can’t really say this choice is perfect because the technology here is over 10-years old. However, when you’re talking about value, price is always the numero uno thing.

The fact is, no matter how cheap a sled is priced, if it doesn’t give you what you need or want, it isn’t really good value. I chose this one because the Renegade Sport still gives you a ton of goodness for a reasonable 2020 price.

First, the technology: The Renny Sport is built on the REV XP platform first seen in 2008 – and in snowmobile years, that’s an eternity.

Here’s the good part: That original XP chassis was and still is one of the lightest ones ever built. Right away, you’ve got power-to-weight working for you.

The Sport uses tried-and-true Ski-Doo TRA clutches spun by an iconic twin carbed 600cc Series 2 Rotax exhaust valve twin. This engine is anvil tough, makes an honest 110-horsepower and is still very tunable.

I chose the Renegade over the 120-inch MX-Z for its 137-long, 1.25-inch deep track and standard electric start. The extra dollars are definitely a good investment here. Mark thinks money grows on trees so he probably won’t even read this story about lower cost, less equipped sleds.

This version of the Ski-Doo Sport is so light it outperforms many more powerful ones in powder and climbing situations. Its rear suspension is called SC-5M and by the time it was superseded by rMotion, had evolved into a completely competent, smooth riding skidframe – especially in this 137-inch iteration.

For sure, we’d like to see Ski-Doo do more with this sled in the near future. We think an update to a RAS 2 front end would make it even more appealing without driving up the cost and maybe even a bit of a hybrid body refresh with the XS-Series platform Ski-Doo deleted a couple of years ago would be nice.

No matter how you cut it, though, this is a killer deal for first-time sled buyers and second-sled hunters who want a snowmobile that can do it all for about two-thirds the price of a completely up-to-date 600.

Markie, the key words here are non-compromise. You don’t have to be embarrassed about pulling up to your favorite hang-out, Larry’s Burger Pit (home of the Big Coronary Filet), with this full-sized sled!

– Kent


Kenny, this is embarrassing. You did it again! Why did you pass over the obvious winner in this category like you didn’t even read the EVO’s specs? Hmm, I might have answered my own question here: Kent didn’t read the EVO’s specs!

Here we have what has to be the best idea to come along in a long time. The Polaris EVO is as close to what Sea-Doo’s “Spark” watercraft is to a snowmobile as you can get.

Yes, the EVO is perfect for younger and smaller pilots but still generates a fully legitimate sno-mo-experience that goes way beyond the ZR 200 and the Sno-Scoot, which by the way, are superb rides for mid-sized kids. The EVO is priced really well, making buying one pretty painless.

The ability to step up power output to a full 60-hp level with an ECU and carb tweak means the EVO can go along on all-day trail rides. I’ve witnessed this sled in the hands of younger teenagers and their response to the sled is remarkable.

The EVO’s ergonomics go a long way toward building confidence in attuning riders to a big sled feel but a smaller sled fit. Truth is, the sno-mo-biz really needs the EVO and from what we’ve heard, buyers are responding well to it.

Frankly Kent, you completely blew this one. It’s way cheaper than the Renegade you picked and way more versatile at accommodating a wide spectrum of rider sizes and skill levels. Duh?

– Mark

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