New X Suspension and Skis Dramatically Alter G4 Ride and Handling

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When the engineers present at Ski-Doo’s annual Sneak Peek event proclaimed they had made significant handling and suspension improvements to the MX-ZX, Renegade X and XRS’s G4 chassis – we were a little skeptical. After all, its not like the G4 doesn’t go around corners.

After one ride on the new RAS “X” IFS and the rMotion “X” we were quite honestly shocked. The new X set-up, which includes new Pilot X skis, changes the game for Ski-Doo.

While the former RAS front suspension was a good handling set-up with good bump control and stability, the new RAS X front end takes G4 handling and ride to a new and higher level.

The first thing we noticed was the dramatic improvement in bump absorption in corners. The RAS X set-up with new A-arms and longer shocks keeps the front of the G4 appreciably more settled. The chassis now turns-in with authority and holds a line through apexes, even on whooped-out trails.

At the same time, we noticed the G4’s former tendency to “segment” corners into multiple apexes is gone. What you dial into the bars nets a result precisely proportionate to your inputs. The new, wider stance and longer stroking dampers work a near-miraculous change to a front end that has in the past performed well, but not at this level.

The industry benchmark for rear suspension ride and the goal line every other OEM has been shooting for is Ski-Doo’s rMotion in either 129 or 137 inch variants. To proclaim there’s an improvement in ride quality with the new rMotion “X” is a bold statement – and frankly, one we were a little skeptical about.

As it turns out, the lengthening of both the front torque arm and rear drop link and the addition of a ji-bungous, compression adjustable KYB rear arm shock improves rMotion incrementally. More important, these rMotion changes significantly impact the way the new RAS X affects handling.

When leaving the apex of a turn while jacking the throttle, the G4’s front end stays flat and planted. There’s no uncontrolled ski lift from either the inside ski or both skis. The new Pilot X skis have a deeper keel and keep the G4 on its line through the apex, actually allowing the rider to dial up more turn-in mid turn, power on, without any perceptible ski lift.

If you’re interested in more weight transfer and front end lift under acceleration, the new rMotion X includes an eccentric adjuster on the front torque arm that when tweaked, will satisfy your need to wheelie exiting turns.

As far as we’re concerned Ski-Doo aced the new RAS X IFS, rMotion X skid and the Pilot X ski for model year 2021.

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