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Okay, that might sound a little harsh. Of course you’re not wannabes; you are highly discerning, critical, talented, fully deodorized titans of the sport – individuals with riding talent rivaling pilots with last names like Hibbert, Haikonnen and Morgan. But I digress.

The reason Ski-Doo loves the archetypical XRS buyer is simple: You purchase the highest MSRP model in the brochure and you buy them almost every year.


So, for the record, are the new X-RS G4 MX-Z and Renegade worth the wait? After all, last season complaining from this demanding buyer demographic could be heard all the way from the Black Hills to Valcourt when Ski-Doo left the X-RS designation on the XS based, 800 E-TEC powered MX-Z and Renegade in MY 2017.


Frankly, I have to admit the look of the new G4 X-RS twins is stunning. Showing up at Larry’s Burger Pit with one of these rides could be so ego-inflating you may have to order a small fry instead of your regular Poutine Extreme Platter.

Okay, I’ll leave the kidding aside for a bit. The X-RS is mostly an appearance package, however there are some genuine cool pieces included. In the event you’ve consumed copious quantities of the aforementioned poutine you may appreciate the RS reinforced running boards and the race-style far-forward handlepole orientation.

As well, you’ll definitely be pleased with the lack of a windshield. We literally mean no windshield – zip, nada – so you can dry perspiration generated after clearing 70 footers.


A full set of Easy-Adjust KYB gassers is the steak in the X-RS package. These shocks are the real deal, beautifully crafted and infinitely adjustable.

They will deliver exceptional ride quality over any terrain with any sized rider on board, provided you have the patience to fiddle with them. Keep in mind Ski-Doo delivers the X-RS package with trail oriented, median damping which works well for a large range of riders.


When it comes to my question regarding “worth the wait?” for the X-RS to show up in the G4 platform – that’s easy to answer. Yes, it was worth the wait. The G4 brings so much new tech to the sport, it’s mind-boggling. The 850 E-TEC is imposing in its delivery of raw, ski lifting, arm stretching thrust and it hauls like no other production 2-stroke you’ve squeezed the trigger on.

The 850’s durability enhancements are icing on the cake. The new pDrive roller tower primary is 100-percent revolutionary and will ultimately send everyone back to the drawing board in an effort to reduce torque tower friction. pDrive delivers more power to the track as a result of its huge decrease in torque button friction.


The right to left centralizing of mass on the G4 makes sense and as a result it delivers nimble, well balance handling. Ergonomics are excellent and more importantly, adaptable to the largest range of riders.

The X-RS (and X package) inclusion of an adjustable riser is genius allowing individual riders to tune their riding style and body size to the sled’s ergonomics.

The sandwiched tunnel eliminates the need for extruded coolers and rMotion needs no introduction – in MY 18 it is still the standard by which all snowmobile trail suspensions must be measured.


I’ve answered the “worth the wait” question as a result of the one-year delay buyers had to endure for the G4 to carry the X-RS designation.

Knowing there are lower priced G4 variations in both MX-Z and Renegade clothes, here’s a question you need to answer. Can you live with anything less than a G4 X-RS?

Mark Lester
Mark Lester
Mark Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular Host on SNOWTRAX TV, which can be seen on Sportsman Channel across America and in Canada on OLN, Sportsman Channel Canada, Wild TV and REV TV and globally on our YouTube channel.

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