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The Apex gets another year on the books and gains more sizzle with the same 129-inch SingleShot skidframe used on the 2016 Vector.

In the process, there’s a weight drop of about 10-lbs for the trail version and about 9-lbs for the Apex X-TX, now with a 146-incher.

Both skidframes use a Fox Float 3 XV air shock out back and there are coilover gassers at the front. The X-TX is available with choices of 1.25-inch RipSaw II or a 1.75-inch deep Backcountry. Both versions of the X-TX use gas shocks up front and Tuner skis along with EPS.

There have been no changes to the basic Apex formula – it still use that sweet 4-cylinder with four throttle bodies and EX-UP and although the tunnel adjuster is no longer part of the deal, the reduction in weight should be pretty appealing.

For early-order buyers there are LE versions of both the Vector and the Apex available as RS trail sleds or as X-TX 146-inchers, all equipped with the new SingleShot rear suspension.

The LE Apex and the Vector LE come equipped with all the aforementioned 2016 features but also add in Fox Float 3 air shocks on the front suspension and Yamaha’s exclusive Performance Dampener, factory installed.

It all means your early Power Surge deposit will get you far more suspension adjustability and some bonafide upgrades.

Visit yamaha-snowmobiles.com for more!

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