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Ski-Doo is having success with its new Enduro line-up this year and some prospective buyers are asking if it’s just a case of camouflage.

We’re not talking about the Enduro’s paint job here – we mean the fact this “new” sled has its roots in the now terminated GSX.

On close inspection the Enduro comes mighty close to what the GSX was in its former life. That model was available in two forms – one a 137-inch REV-XR platform (SE) with choices of 800 E-TEC and 1170 4-TEC powerplants. The other GSX (LE) used the more barebones 120-inch XS platform and came with a 600-E-TEC. Both models were really close in performance and personality to either a Renegade (137) or an MX-Z (120).

This year Ski-Doo has rethought the designation of that category and now offers one chassis – the 137-inch Renegade – and four different engine choices: 4-TEC, 600 & 800 E-TEC and the 900 ACE in the Enduro. Each has its own personality and target market.

All models have an incredibly long feature list: Adjustable 137-inch rMotion air suspension, a factory-studded track, the XS’s comfortable bodywork and Ski-Doo’s best electronics. The 1170 version has special exterior side panels to accommodate the 4-stroke’s huge muffler and uses the company’s unique drive-by-wire technology to alleviate throttle lag.

So what’s going on? Is this just smoke and mirrors?

We think it shows a big shift in the consumer’s appetite for fully featured, versatile sleds. It’s not enough to just have fast or even fast and light. Many buyers are looking for sleds that are competent both off-trail and on and can carry an extra passenger and gear when necessary.

The big issue is sizzle. We want it all without giving up macho, raw edged appeal and sexy looks. No one wants a foof sled – even if it can do a lot of stuff.

The Enduro fits the bill. The sled is fully competent in all the above applications regardless of which engine you choose. Its looks are downright cool and it now fits perfectly into the Renegade family – a nomenclature that drips machismo.

We think the re-dreamed Enduro will sell big in 2016 and we can guarantee, based on our experience with the old GSX, those who buy will be smiling big grins from here to Tucson.

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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