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For 2016 Polaris has put its focus squarely on a segment it has dominated for several years: The mountains.

With this year’s success of the AXYS platform clearly in the books, Polaris has applied the same lightness, chassis rigidity and engine mounting setup to the Pro-RMK series by joining the AXYS front “clip” to a revised shock-in-skid tunnel.

However, taking a giant leap forward, the company has thrown in a completely redesigned mountain-targeted front suspension using one-piece forged aluminum upper and lower A-arms, taller spindles and super-light Walker Evans monotube gas shocks.

At the rear, Polaris has used computer design efficiencies to reduce the weight of the RMK’s skidframe by three pounds and has ended up with a 15-percent more rigid suspension in the process.

They didn’t stop with chassis and suspension. The 2016 Pro-RMK uses the new-last-year 800 HO powerplant with its lightened crank and 3-stage exhaust valves to amp up the available power.

V-force reeds, a high flow intake and exhaust system and an electronic oil pump are all part of the picture.

QuickDrive (belt drive, no chaincase) is also included on Pro-RMK 163 and 155-inch versions along with a completely new, lighter brake. A 600 Pro-RMK is also available in the same platform.

Two track choices are available with either Pro-RMK: A Series 6 with 2.6-inch lugs or a Series 7 with 3-inch lugs.

This is a totally revisited version of what was already one of the best mountain sleds money could buy.

There has been literally nothing left untouched, all to prove to the world Polaris knows mountain sleds better and is willing to start over with a completely clean sheet of paper to get there.

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