2016 ARCTIC CAT XF CrossTour

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Realizing there’s a big market for sleds that fall under the “adventure rider” category, Arctic Cat has designed two new models that are based on the former 141-inch CrossTour concept but zero in on extreme ride compliance and long distance touring comfort without losing their macho looks or appeal to performance customers.

The 2016 XF CrossTour is based on the Pantera’s Pro-Tour chassis and has a 146-inch fully coupled suspension, uses the Yamaha 1049cc triple and includes huge amounts of storage space and a 4.3-gallon auxiliary fuel tank plumbed right into the sled’s fuel system.

This sled should make big-mile riders drool as it will get incredible range on a fill-up and deliver optimum comfort on long days in the saddle.

Next in the new XF line-up is the XF CrossTrek. This sled uses the 137-inch Sliding Arm skid and is fully coupled for rider plushness.

It comes with a warm, mid-height windshield with mirrors and includes very nice expandable bags and an oversized tunnel bag.

The CrossTrek uses Fox Float air shocks up front and gas shocks in the skidframe. 600 and 800 2-stroke choices are available with this sled as well as 1049cc triple and turbo 4-strokes.

Third in the new XF line-up is the XF High Country. This sled uses Cat’s 141-inch Fox Float air-suspended, non-coupled skidframe and has pure vertical features like a lightweight mountain seat, 2.5-inch PowerClaw track and the mountain-specific new front end Cat is using on its mountain sleds.

This sled also uses the longer ProClimb tunnel and 7-inch wide mountain skis. 600 and 800 2-stroke choices are available as well as 1049cc triple and turbo 4-strokes.

Clearly, Cat is targeting freeriders with sled that is so close to being a mountain sled yet still capable of some trail duty and certainly having the maneuverability to play in powder all day.

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