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Cat’s mountain sled program has appeared to be playing catch-up with the competition but this year things are looking different.

The engineering team has started with a completely new front suspension package that includes new, tall and very svelte spindles, forged aluminum A-arms and as much as 4-inches available variation in width. These new spindles and A-arms save about 2.4 lbs. and cut snow way better.

There’s also a new, lighter skidframe called Float Action (available as a 141, 153 and 162) designed to dig out faster and ride on top of powder more effectively. The rails on this suspension have been radically developed by computer engineering to offer amazing strength while dropping mass.

The biggest deal with Cat’s mountain sleds is the choices potential buyers can have. Get this: There are too many models to mention here plus three variations on track lengths (141, 153, 162), three different mountain tracks (2.25-inch and 2.6-inch PowerClaw, and a 3-inch PowerClaw that is 2.5-lbs lighter than the 2.6.

There are seat and storage choices, two different handle-poles (one telescoping) and an incredible selection of colors and graphics.

Engine variations abound, too. The 800 and 600 CTEC-2 2-strokes are available and the 9000-Series Turbo and Yamaha 1049 triple 4-strokes are available in various models.

Cat has sent a message it intends to compete hard in the mountain category. Certainly, these sleds are intended to move altitude buyers away from Polaris and Ski-Doo and into the Arctic Cat brand.

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