2015 SKI-DOO: Renegade Changes

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Ski-Doo has continued the process of upgrading its very popular Renegade line-up in 2015.

Besides the addition of the new RAS2 front end on all REV-XS based Ski-Doos, a major change on many Renegade models is a switch to a 137×15-wide track.

All Rennies, with the exception of the more off-trail focused Backcountry and Backcountry X, which will have a 16-wide FlexTrack, will now use a lighter 15-inch track (varying lug depths available on early-order programs) to increase top speed potential and sharpen up cornering on trails.

An all-new model, the Renegade XRS, available with an 800 E-TEC, will come with an upgraded shock package, very cool paint and graphics and a 1.5-inch-deep 137×15 track. It’s only available on early order this spring.

The Freeride 137 with rMotion has moved up to the mountain biased FlexEdge track with choices of 1.75-inch and 2.25-inch lug depths. All Freeride tracks are 16-inches wide. Electric start is now standard on the Freeride 137.

Changes to the Renegade this year are specifically targeted at the trail rider who wants the versatility to occasionally go-off-trail. Obviously Ski-Doo is reacting to the sales stats that clearly show consumers are opting for the benefits of a sled that works well on trails but can be roosted in the powder when desired.

The competition has a long list of sleds measuring 137-inches for this purpose and it’s very clear Ski-Doo wants to maintain its dominance with light weight and industry-leading handling in the Renegade line-up.

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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