2014 Ski-Doo Line-Up Decoded

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With all the hype focusing on the new 900 4-stroke, it’s easy to miss the details on the rest of Ski-Doo’s product line.

For MY 2014 Ski-Doo has made some fairly sweeping changes compared to last year – most of them being a pretty obvious evolution of the strongest assets in the Ski-Doo line-up.

For instance, Doo has taken the incredible success of its amazing rMotion skidframe and added it to many more models. Most notably, the luxury-targeted GSX and Grand Touring 2-upper both get rMotion…but with a twist.

On the top-of-line SE models in these segments the engineers have added the remote adjustable air shock system to the rMotion 137 to produce awesome ride results.

Quite frankly, we would have been happy with just the running board adjusters at this level but to have a thumb operated air systems on these sleds simply goes beyond the universe! Incredible.

Both the Grand Touring and the GSX when purchased in lower priced LE trim get rMotion, too.

Also upgraded to rMotion for 2014 is the race-based MX-Z X-RS, all MX-Z models except the baseline Sport Series and all Renegades (with the exception of the Renegade Sport).

In keeping with Ski-Doo’s entry level program, all Sport Series MX-Z and Renegades continue to use the XP platform in lieu of the XS and have SC-5 skidframes across the board. Engine choices here are limited to the ACE 600, 550 fan and 600 carb engines.

Likewise, in the mountain segment, Ski-Doo has completely standardized t-Motion as the go-to skidframe for all of its high altitude sleds.

All Summit X Series, Summit SP and even the baseline Summit Sport now come with tMotion. Three track lengths, 146, 154 and 163 are available with the FlexEdge PowderMax II tracks throughout the Summit line.

The Summit Sport still uses the XP platform while all other summits go to the new-last-year XS. No mountain sleds will use the new 900 ACE engine.

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