2014 POLARIS: Why Not An Indy 550 Too?

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Another logical move was to reduce the number of IQ-based sleds in the Polaris line-up and get as many popular models converted over to the much lighter Pro-Ride platform.

One model segment this will make a big impact on is in the entry-level 550cc fan-cooled class.

The new 550 Indy 121 comes with Ryde FX MPV gas cell shocks up front and in the skid (13.9-inches travel) enclosed by a 15x121x.91 ShockWave track.

One big change this year is the switch to CVTech’s latest Powerbloc 50 drive clutches. These very durable clutches operate on a completely different principle than the flyweight concept and require almost no maintenance at all, even when the miles begin to stack up.

The weight reduction alone by going to the newer platform will increase flotation and the use of the Pro-Ride’s latest generation of non-parallel A-arms will deliver sweet handling. Pro-Steer skis come standard along with a mid-height windshield for that classic Indy look.

Another surprise is two new 144-inch tracked Indys with fan-cooled mills. The first, dubbed the Indy 550 144, is designed to be a lightweight freeride and mountain rover for beginners or a sled with incredible flotation for boondockers and trappers.

The low power-to-weight ratio will be a substantial factor here and this sled, with a 1.35 Cobra, will have all the bite you’ll need in powder.

This one uses the same new Powerbloc 50 drive clutch and matching Invance secondary as the 121-incher. The second continues with the very successful Adventure theme and it’s called the 550 Aventure 144. This sled includes the same add-on bags, rack and available 2-up seat as its larger Adventure sibs.

A new Indy based 2-up model with many of the same amenities, the 550 Indy LXT, comes with a cargo rack and backrest, electric start, PERC and a 15-degree flatter steering post angle for sit-down comfort.

Polaris is building a nice model selection in its Indy cladding and these sleds could well turn out to be the best priced sleds on snow this year.

If the pricing comes in close to where we suspect it will, consumers will be getting unprecedented strong value and excellent performance for their snowmobiling bucks.

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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