2013 POLARIS 800 PRO RMK 155

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You could say Polaris is “killing in the mountains”. This is, in fact, true.

The mountain market now hovers slightly above 20-percernt of total industry sales and as a result is an important piece of the marketshare pie no OEM can overlook.

Polaris is intent on growing this business again in MY 2013 and to prove the point has turned its 800 Pro RMK 155 into an even more formidable deep snow weapon.

Here’s the deal: There’s an all-new belt drive system on the right side of the tunnel replacing the chaincase, gears, chain, tensioner and cover.

This move does two things. Obviously the set-up is lighter and thus reduces sled weight, however, there’s another benefit at play.

The belt drive is referred to as the “low inertia” drive system because it reduces the gyroscopic effect of the heavier chain and gears when they’re rotating.

This reduction of the gyroscopic effect (the same effect that makes a motorcycle stand up when the wheels are spinning) allows the sled to be pulled over when side hilling with a measurable 5-pound reduction in required force.

There’s more. The front pyramidal spars running from the shock towers to the handlepole support are now carbon fiber. Nice.

Polaris’ bonding process is having increased benefit in MY 2013. The proof is the ability to glue aluminum and carbon fiber together in a combination that’s actually stronger than welding.

There’s more. The front A-arms on the Pro RMK are now bonded together using cast aluminum end fixtures for the ball-joints.

There’s more. The tunnel uses new ultra strong but incredibly light vented running boards and edges.

Are these upgrades and a claimed 60-pound advantage on the competition enough to keep Polaris in the lead out west?

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