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Although Polaris doesn’t really want us to describe the new Switchback 136 as a “Stretched Rush”, that’s pretty much exactly what it is.

The engineers have done an amazing job of throwing a design curve at the ProRide platform by doing more than just adding a longer track to a very good shock-outside-the-skid design.

What the new 600 and 800 Switchback 136 offers is a four to five-inch longer chassis to accommodate the jump to a longer track.

You can tell the difference when you check out the side view and see the longer running boards and their less abrupt angle at the rear. Also, the rear shock and subframe assembly is more exposed than in the 121-incher.

The look is very balanced and the net result is pretty spectacular. This longer tracked model handles and rides almost exactly like the 121-inch RUSH. While in Montana, some of our testers commented they actually preferred the trail riding qualities of the new 136-incher to the shorter version.

When it comes to off-trail riding, the SW 136 is right at home. In powder snow (there was plenty in West Yellowstone) the sled floats easily and handles dead starts out of the deep stuff without hesitation. Hey, it’s not a mountain sled but neither does it profess to be.

This is a very good definer of what a Crossover snowmobile is intended to be – capable off-trail and a very comfortable, smooth riding sled that handles corners when you’re trail riding.

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