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Certainly, at 130-horses, the TNT 1200 4-TEC appears to be at a disadvantage when compared to some other sleds.

Look closer and you’ll see this MXZ weighs in almost a hundred pounds lighter (dry) than an Apex and is actually 50 pounds lighter than its next nearest competitor.

The argument persists that if you take any engine and put it in an ultra-light chassis, you’ll get way better performance results than expected.

This is the case with this 4-stroke TNT and we’ve listened to many comments from people we’ve ridden with who readily classify it as a hypersled.

There’s no question this strong running 1170cc triple will push this lightweight XR beyond the C-note and will get you there with plenty of hustle.

Its claimed 130 horsepower output feels like a lot more and off-idle squeeze up through to midrange is especially robust.

There is noticeable throttle lag at initial engagement that can take some getting used to, but once you’re aware of it and compensate by being a bit more aggressive with the throttle, it’s not a big deal.

First-time riders of this particular sled will be conscious of it and need to exercise care when moving the sled in tight quarters as the throttle “jerkiness” can be unnerving.

The TNT’s SC-5 rear suspension is magnificent but the extra weight of a 4-stroke engine takes away a smidge of the handling precision you’ll find in a 2-stroke equipped MXZ.

Nonetheless, this is still a very taut, flat-cornering sled that will reach its limit a hair before its lighter siblings. Compared to the other 4-strokes in this article, however, it’s right in the hunt.

Ski-Doo’s TNT package is a winner no matter what engine you choose. High quality gas shocks, a 1.25-inch deep RipSaw track and, of course, the mandatory electric start and reverse, all add up to a sled you’ll want to keep a while.

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