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If you don’t have much snow where you usually ride this year and you]re chasing it, Quebec is having an incredible year with record depths of the white stuff all across the province.

Supertrax has had five different groups there this winter and everyone has come back bursting with enthusiasm for riding great trails, experiencing fabulous grooming and feeling like winter is on!

Don’t forget about Quebec’s amazing offer to visitors this coming weekend!

We strongly recommend you take advantage of the FCMQ’s open house event this coming weekend, February 11th and 12th.

Open Door allows snowmobilers who haven’t yet purchased a 2011-12 trail permit in Quebec to have full access to the Province’s 20,000 miles of trails free of charge!

Go to to find out all about it and also to get a chance to win a Snowmobile Dream Vacation contest.

You can also purchase a one, three or seven day permit to augment your free weekend.

This is an amazing deal and one you should definitely get in on! Call 1-877-266-5687 or log onto

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