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WINNER: Polaris Pro RMK 800


Polaris has, by employing an absolute laser focus, taken back the mountain market with the Pro-RMK in any track length variant.

This snowmobile so completely exceeds riders expectations it is almost an understatement to say it leads in this segment.

The now bulletproof 800 Liberty is perfectly suited for high elevation climbing or insane highmarking as a result of the engine’s inherent, Cummins-like torque characteristics.

Seriously, this engine in the RMK platform digs trenches deep enough you can see the floor of the Toyota plant in Tokyo.

Certainly Ski-Doo has been working hard at making the Summit better – and they’re getting there. However, when it comes to the extreme deep and radically steep the masses are taken with the Pro RMK.

RUNNER-UP: Ski-Doo Summit X 800 E-TEC


I’ve got to admit, Mark, you’ve presented a strong case and in some kindergarten classes you could sell this argument.

Here’s where the rubber hits the snow: Ski-Doo and, for that matter Arctic Cat too, in MY2012 are on fire when it comes to mountain prowess.

Both these very competitive sled-makers are fully focused, committed and dedicated to holding court in thin-air environments.

I have to give Ski-Doo an edge because the company has developed the only direct injection 2-stroke for altitude and its incredibly light XP mountain chassis gives high-altitude riders everything they want.

That “everything” could be summed up in one phrase: Power-to-weight!

Ask any mountain rider what they want and they’ll tell you they want an engine that makes as much power at the bottom of the slope as it does at the top – and on the way up that power needs to be delivered with giant gobs of torque.

Ask them what’s second on the list and they’ll tell you they want a sled so light it can be maneuvered in the tightest places, in the deepest powder with the flotation ability of a Chris Craft.

Whether seated or standing, its handlebars, narrow seat and running boards are perfect. Don’t even get me started on those excellent Pilot DS skis.

Mark, peel back your eyelids and look at the truth. Ski-Doo is the way to go for mountain sleds this year.

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