2010 SKI-DOO MX-Z XRS: Ride Quality Delivered

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By: Mark Lester

Remember the 2007 MX-Z XRS? We do and so does our orthodontist. That attempt at delivering an oh-so-close-to-a-real-racer left us with loose fillings and a sizable chiropractic bills.

Ski-Doo was well aware of how poorly the ‘07 XRS rode after being inundated with agonizing cries from the consumer and for MY 10 the XRS concept returns to the lightweight XP platform with tons of experience.

The new XP XRS features the sweetest Kayaba dampers ever mounted on a production sled – including gloves-on adjustable clickers. The shocks have both high and low speed damping adjustments on the compression side and a rebound clicker.

The entire XRS package drips with racer inspiration however, the calibration is diametrically opposite to the XP 600 RS it so accurately mirrors. This is great news for the wannabe crowd with a stock spring and valving package we’ve had the privilege of testing ourselves.

The sled can be clicked considerably softer for less aggressive lightweights and bumped up to what we’d consider serious ditch damping by simply twisting the red knobs on the front IFS shocks and the rear arm skid shock.

There’s a wide range of appeal here, but get this straight – even if you click to full-on, super-duper hard the XP XRS never approaches the level of stiffness displayed by the much maligned MY 07 XRS.

So, is this a credible trail sled? Yes, yes and yes. There’s little doubt the new XRS in 600 E-TEC trim (our favorite) or in Power-Tek 800 tune (for now) is a home run.

The inherent balance in this chassis is superb. It handles with telepathic accuracy carving lines through twisty trails like a Veg-O-Matic slicing spuds on Julienne.

Those who belly up to the sales desk for a copy are going to get as much racer as anyone is offering this year.

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