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Dear Supertrax,

I am a subsciber and enjoy Supertrax very much. I wanted to express my opinion on the 55 mph speed limit. First of all let me say that I feel terrible for all the people affected by the deaths last year from snowmobile accidents.

My wife and I have been snowmobiling for 15 years. We buy a new machine every year for one of us. We spend a TON of money on equipment, fuel, lodging, food etc. THE reason I snowmobile is for the excitement and speed.

Some people may not like hearing that but its easy to see that’s what most people like about snowmobiling. That’s why the manufactures produce and sell by far sleds with 120 hp to 170 hp. The marketing groups for the big four manufactures know what people want, light and fast. Otherwise they would be selling 340’s and 440’s that people like to run at 50 mph and sight see.

This might be a little brutal for some people to hear, but the facts speak for themselves. It is important to be a responsible rider. KNOW where you can ride fast and where you shouldn’t. The problem now is that there will be speedtraps set up where IT IS SAFE to ride fast because they know they will catch people there. This will kill the sport. Its time for people to speak up on this subject including riders and manufactures.

Every article we read on new sleds talks about weight and performance because that’s what we snowmobiliers want. Lets be honest with ourselves and everybody else. Its important that we look at how many snowmobiliers are out there riding and how many get hurt or killed.

Statistically speaking its safer than riding in a car. I would also like to mention that I am against drinking and riding. I would be in agreement with spot checks for drunks riders if we could get rid of the speed limit. I would greatly appreciate it if you would print this letter.



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