OFSC Celebrates Get Ready for Snowmobiling Week

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Press Release –

The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) celebrates provincial “Get Ready for Snowmobiling Week” November 24 to December 1st.

With Jack Frost already nipping the air, Get Ready for Snowmobiling Week kicks off the 2007/08 GO Snowmobiling season and serves as a reminder to businesses and snowbelt communities to start preparing for winter.

OFSC snowmobiling generates over $1 Billion of economic impact annually for rural and northern communities during their most dormant time of year.

“Most of all, sledding is great fun, so we are inviting everyone who enjoys being outdoors with family and friends to Go Snowmobiling this winter on OFSC trails,” said OFSC President Bruce Robinson, who also cautions: “Get Ready for Snowmobiling Week is our season launch — but remember, our snowmobile trails won’t be open until we have consistent, sub freezing temperatures and enough snow for groomers to pack a durable base.”

As club volunteers continue to set up their trails, Get Ready for Snowmobiling Week is about other preparations, too. It’s the last chance to buy a Snowmobile Trail Permit at a preseason saving of $50 ($180 before Dec. 1 and $230 after).

It’s a good opportunity for those over the age of 12 to sign up for a mandatory Driver Training course by visiting www.ofsc.on.ca and clicking on the Driver Training logo. It marks the time to take snowmobiles in for professional servicing, to winterize tow vehicle and trailers, and to check the readiness of all snowmobile gear and accessories.

Riders should also confirm that the proper insurance and sled registration is in place. In Ontario, the law requires a minimum of $500,000 liability coverage.

Get Ready for Snowmobiling Week is also when snowmobilers should familiarize themselves with the published list of “Assumptions for OFSC Trail Use”, which can be found at www.ofsc.on.ca under Trails. Every snowmobiler must know and understand these Assumptions before riding on any OFSC snowmobile trail.

Finally, Get Ready for Snowmobiling Week is an excellent occasion for businesses, snowbelt communities and snowmobilers to join the OFSC in thanking all the volunteers and landowners who make organized snowmobiling in Ontario possible!

The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs is dedicated to providing strong leadership and support to member clubs and volunteers, to establishing and maintaining quality snowmobile trails which are used in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, and to furthering the enjoyment of organized snowmobiling.

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