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By: Staff, Photo: Kyle McDougall

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not Too Big, Not Too Small. Is There A Market For This Sled?

It's no secret Yamaha could use a lower price point model to attract buyers to its showrooms.

We believe Yamaha, with its virtually unlimited access to trick, efficient and lightweight 4-stroke scooter engines and CVTs could re-introduce a Sno-Scoot type, lower cost, snowmobile.

In case you think we're insane for suggesting this, have a look on Kijiji at the resale on what is the closest thing to a three-quarter ride - the Polaris Indy Lites in either 250 or 340cc variants.

These mid 90's sleds are experiencing a price re-evaluation on a scale we can only compare to the now legendary Yamaha Sno-Scoot and Sno-Sport.

We believe Indy Lites are being bought for "tweeners" by parents wanting a "just right" sized snowmobile.

We think you'll be hearing more about a three-quarter size sled in the near future.

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